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Be Fit 4 Health

Be Fit 4 Health

Join Biyanka every Sunday from 10am to 11am for the opportunity to listen to the most informed individuals in the health, wellness and Medical community. This show is designed to provide an open discussion forum that helps the listener take healthcare into their own hands.

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About Biyanka Ekmekcioglu

Biyanka Ekmekcioglu has been in the Health and Fitness industry for 30 years.

As a fitness competitor she has been interviewed on numerous TV shows, radio spots and Magazines such as Sunrise Shape UP morning show, Fitness Documentary “Made in the Gym” Muscle Magazine the T.V show and magazine.

She is also produced and created her best- selling workout video called “Fitness for Health” where it was shot in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Biyanka’s academic background includes certifications from NESTA, NASM, NCEP, Fitness 4x4 and Sports Nutrition from UCLA and NCEP Fitness She is currently Health and Fitness Director for the Honolulu Club. She also is the coordinating Director and instructor for NCEP where she helps people get started with their dreams of becoming a trainer by passing the CPT course out in Hawaii.

Biyanka’s passion to help people live a healthier life does not end with Personal Training. She has also become a part of a company that is changing people’s health and awareness. The company is called USANA HEALTH SCIENCE. Founded in 1992 by a well-respected Microbiologist and immunologist.  Dr. Martin Wentz.  Biyanka’s strong belief that one’s health is directly link to nutrition and how under nourished our bodies are from our daily diets. She has found that the right Supplements can in fact help plug the holes to where our diets may fail.

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