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For over a decade Marko has been providing individuals and business owners with comprehensive, innovative, financial planning services. Marko has a MBA, MSIS, and since 2014 a CExP™, making him one of the few financial advisor in the State of Hawaii to earn the Preeminent Designation for Certified Business Exit Planning. Marko is dedicated to help business owners exit their business on their own terms and conditions.
Originally from a small town of Uzice, Serbia, Marko was raised during the country’s economic downfall. Striving to create a better life for his family, he set off to attend the International Franco-American School of Management in Belgrade/Paris where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in 1998. Marko then moved to Oahu where he attended Hawaii Pacific University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2000 and in 2009 a Master of Business Administration in Marketing as well as a Master of Science in Information Systems. Upon graduation Marko joined forces with Nash Subotic and in 2007 created Wealth Strategy Partners, LLC.

Today, Wealth Strategy Partners is one of the fastest growing financial firms in the region with branch offices in Honolulu, California, and Nevada. What began as a small startup of four people has grown to over 150 representatives and expanded its territory to ten offices strategically located on the West Coast. Wealth Strategy Partners is an affiliate of WestPac Wealth Partners, serving clients throughout the nation. Wealth Strategy Partners sets its focus on their clients’ vision for the future, and strives to create a lasting impact on their wealth potential.

Marko is a leader in Hawaii’s business community and hosts a weekly talk radio show on Wednesdays called Hawaii Money Resource from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wall Street Business Network, AM 760. The show covers a variety of topics including starting and growing business and business exit planning, and features Hawaii’s leading business owners each week to share insights from their respective fields.

In his spare time Marko enjoys playing occer, traveling, and spending time with his daughter Mila, son Tadija, and beautiful and supportive wife Taryn.

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About Marko Mijuskovic

Marko was born in Uzice, Serbia during the countries economic downfall. Striving to create a better life for his family he set off to attend the The International Franco-American School of Management in Belgrade where he received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Marketing. He then moved to Oahu and graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with multiple Masters in Business Administration. Marko is also one of the few Financial Advisors in Honolulu to become a Certified Business Exit Planner through the Business Enterprise Institute.

With so many locally owned and managed businesses, he saw a need in the community for Exit Planning with very few owners being familiar with the specialty. Business Exit Planning helps business owners in the following ways: determining the appropriate exit timeline, guidance on how to appraise the value of their business, information on protecting the business assets, and continuity plan options for internal and external transfers of ownership.

In his free time Marko enjoys competing in Kachi Karate with his daughter Mila and son Tadija.

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