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Tony Dias



Tony Dias, Branch Manager and Steward of Aligned Mortgage, hails from a long line of military patriots. His grandfather served in the US Navy during World War II, and his father was a US Marine, dedicating twenty-five years of selfless service in both Vietnam and Desert Storm. Growing up as a ‘military-brat’ Tony had his share of typical challenges uprooting and moving every few years, changing schools often, and learning how to adapt & overcome at a young age. Eventually, he grew to love the challenging Marine Corps life and followed in his father’s ‘yellow footprints’. In 1985 Tony joined the US Marines as a Communications Electronic Technician and was assigned to Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station.

After his time in the Marine Corps, Tony, a Waianae native, decided to plant his own roots. Not knowing about the VA Home Loan benefit back in 2001, he and his wife Joleen purchased their first property together in Mililani with a 20% down payment, using up a substantial amount of their nest egg. In 2003, Tony joined the mortgage industry and learned about the VA home loan benefit. Once he discovered the extraordinary power it held, he was determined to make sure he shared the information with as many veterans as possible.

Armed with an idea, some passion, and a whole lot of faith, Tony started out offering his “FREE VA HOME LOAN BENEFIT SEMINAR” once a month in a small office in Wahiawa. Soon the demand increased and Tony moved his office to a larger location in Waipio. As time went on, Tony eventually outgrew that space as well and in 2017, he created Aligned Mortgage focusing on “Faith, Family, Co-Workers, Community”. By 2019, a full scale classroom was created & dedicated to Tony Dias by his Aligned Mortgage Ohana. The new Tony Dias Education Center boasts over (number) square feet of space, allowing a maximum capacity of 75 people. To date, over 100,000 veterans have attended one of Tony’s free VA Home Loan Benefit Seminars.

For almost two decades, Tony has devoted countless hours educating veterans all over the country about the VA Home Loan Benefit. He has impacted and improved the lives of numerous veterans and their families, empowering them with the necessary tools to get a jump start on homeownership, helping them create their own legacy by “changing (sic) your stars”. Tony is passionate about serving his fellow veterans. He believes it is an honor and a privilege to help them own a piece of the land they fight/fought so gallantly to defend.

Tony Dias is certified by the State of Hawaii to teach Real Estate agents “The New VA Home Loan Benefit for the Real Estate Licensee” and is also certified by the National Association of Realtors to conduct the Military Relocation Professionals designation. His goal is to increase the knowledge about the VA home loan benefit with other real estate professionals so that they may better serve those who are serving.


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