Some Hawaii residents will see tax refunds by next week

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said some Hawaii residents would see tax rebates passed by the Legislature in their bank accounts by Sept. 12.

Senate Bill 514 authorized $300 per person for individuals making less than $100,000 annually or couples making less than $200,000. Hawaii residents making more than $100,000 individually or $200,000 as a couple will receive $100 per person.

The rebates, estimated to come at a $300 million price tag, will not be affected by a recent report that showed the state’s economic growth is slowing. Ige said in a news conference the state is in a sound financial position.

“We’ve actually had record carry-over in the last fiscal year and I’m proud of that,” Ige said. “Certainly we are still in a strong position to be able to pay out these refunds and the full cost of $300 million has been factored into our financial plan and will have no impact on the state’s ability to pay out these refunds.”

Some residents who paid their taxes by July 31 and have direct deposit information on file will get their refunds by Sept. 12. Other direct deposits will be made by Sept. 21, Ige said.

The state has ordered paper stock to get checks in the mail to residents who did not give direct deposit information. The checks will go out in batches of 2,000 until the paper stock arrives and then will be mailed out at a rate of 90,000 each week. Residents must file their 2021 tax returns by Dec. 31 to be eligible for the refund.

Ige said 303,000 refunds would be made through direct deposit while 295,000 would go out by check.

“It is my hope that the $300 million in tax refunds being distributed so far, bring some relief to the hardworking people of the State of Hawaii who were hit hard by the pandemic,” Ige said.

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